Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top 7 Games I Could Talk About for a Very Long Time

We all have games that we have strong opinions about, at least I think most of us do.  Well, I have a fair number of games that I like or dislike for various reasons.  Some wouldn't shock you based on how often I talk about them on this blog, but others might surprise you.  I'm going to try to keep my explanations brief, else this article would take an hour to read, and I don't want to do that to anyone.

#7 Shadows Over Camelot
There's so much going on in this co-op game.  Lots of different ways to approach quests, lots to figure out with who a traitor might be, how to spring at the exact right moment, etc.

#6 & #5 Ticket to Ride & Settlers of Catan
Yes, I'm kinda cheating here but let me explain.  I rarely talk solely about one of these games.  Most of the time I'm talking about the two in comparison to each other.  These are two great games that lead people into the gaming hobby, and two games that I enjoy playing.  I certainly prefer one over the other, but that's just my opinion.

#4 Dominion
I have to start Dominion with the caveat that I will only talk for a long time with certain people.  If you don't know the game, the in depth discussion is extremely boring.  For people who know the game, there's nothing that beats talking about card interactions, an epic combo you were able to pull off, or the thing I'm going to miss most - talking about new cards as they're spoiled on BGG.

#3 Resistance
Yep, this was the game that I was able to talk about on a podcast, so I'd say that classifies it as a game I can talk about for awhile.  I love the intrigue of the game, and talking through things after the fact just adds to that.  Add in the memories of games past and you have a game that I can talk about for a very long time.

#2 X-Wing
Pilots, elite talents, bombs, torpedoes, missiles, upgrades, ship types, etc.  You name it, I can probably talk about it.  I'm never going to be a high level tournament player, I'm never going to run a blog solely about X-Wing, but I do enjoy talking about this game with anyone who's interested.

#1 Cosmic Encounter
It shouldn't be a surprise that I can talk for a long time about my favorite game.  I'm active on the Cosmic boards on BGG, I playtested for the new expansion, etc.  In short, I love talking Cosmic with anyone that will listen.

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