Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Podcast Appearance, Life, and Why This Can be Hard

So yeah, that new schedule thing lasted all of a week and a half.  I'll be honest, I just haven't had the energy to write about games lately.  Don't fear, I'm still playing games, and having fun, but writing hasn't been at the top of my list.

I spent last weekend (September 13,14,15) playing a whole bunch of games.  My every 2nd and 4th Friday group met, which was a blast.  I taught them how to play Shadows Over Camelot, which was a really good experience for all involved.  The more I try to teach that game, the more I realize that you really have to play it once before it makes sense.  You have to see a few turns to even understand what's going on.  I also played a bunch of Resistance which was a lot of fun as always.

Speaking of the Resistance, I was on a new Dice Tower Network Podcast called Showdown arguing why the Resistance is a better game than Werewolf.  If you'd like to listen to that, you can click on this link and follow the directions.  I had a blast, and it's not the only time I'll be on Showdown, but I'll announce that episode when it releases.

On Saturday I took part in a pick your own game tournament.  Basically, you played any non-co-op game to play, and you got points based on where you finished.  I came in last, but I still took home a nice prize.

On Sunday I got my first taste of Star Trek: Attack Wing.  Many people say it's similar to X-Wing, which it is, but for me it is different enough that I bought into the game.  Star Trek > Star Wars in my book.  I do think that X-Wing is a better game right now, but I think Attack Wing has great potential.
On that note, if you're in the general Central Valley area of California, events for Attack Wing are held at Gateplay in Hilmar.
It's a small group, so you have a great chance to win prizes.  I believe the next event is scheduled for October 19th.

I have a review of TransAmerica in the works, it's more than half done.  I hope to have that out on Friday.  Consider this the random musings post for the week.

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