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David Montgomery

I'm a 20 something math tutor and substitute teacher with a B.A. in Mathematics.  I've been playing boardgames all my life really, but hobby board games since my senior year of HS.  I've taken a liking to games with more theme, though I also appreciate good mechanics in games.  I like seeing numbers do interesting things in games, but I also don't want to work out complicated equations.  I do enjoy simpler games from time to time, with my ideal play time for any one game around an hour.  I love deduction and mystery in games, though I'm not always great at it; perhaps a better way to say things is that I enjoy logic.  My favorite theme in a game is probably space exploration or space in general.  My gaming views have been shaped heavily by the Dicetower, but I'm finding my own way with things as of late.

I enjoy teaching games to new players, not that I'm the best explainer, but I try to make sure people have a good time.  I suppose that makes me more of a social gamer, rather than a "hardcore" gamer, since you'll probably never see me play an 18XX game, or something longer than 4 hours.

Personal Statement

I blog about boardgames because they're fun to me.  I love talking about games, and things involving games.  I spend a lot of time playing games both in person and online.  So far, every game I have reviewed has been purchased with my own money or given to me as a personal gift.  No designer, publisher, distribution company, or anyone else has given me a review copy of a game.

I do welcome such contributions from companies, but if/when that happens, I will be sure to note that a game is a review copy.  This will in no way affect the quality of the review, nor influence my opinion on the game.  I hold my integrity in high regard, and part of that is in giving my honest opinion to you about the games I play.

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