Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Top 42 List Final Part (7-1)

Welcome back to my Top 42 list. We're at that happy and sad spot known as  the end.  To go back and see where game ranked, you can check out parts 1, 23, 4, and 5.

These 7 games are the games I truly enjoy playing.  If I had to only own 7 games, I would be happy playing only these games for a long time.

#7 Star Trek: Fleet Captains  No Change
Each time I play this game, I feel like I'm in Star Trek.  The game is a bit long, which keeps it from moving up higher on my list.  There are a lot of nuances to the gameplay, which serve as a hindrance to new players.  Also, each faction truly plays differently than the others.  The Federation need to go exploring, while the Klingons focus a lot on combat.  The Romulans mess with things using infiltrators, and deception to accomplish their objectives.  This is the game for Star Trek fans.  There's a good deal to learn, but it is well worth the effort.

#6 Battlestar Galactica Down 1
Keeping in theme, this is the game for anyone who's a fan of Battlestar Galactica.  More than any other game I've ever played, this captures the tension of the show while making a fun and challenging game of it.  2012 was the first year I haven't played a game of BSG since I acquired it, but I still enjoy the game.  My group that enjoys BSG has long since dispersed, so my playing has been shifted to forum games and Vassel.  Not bad ways to play, but it lacks a lot of the tension and suspicion, and without those things, BSG just doesn't feel like the same game.

#5 Star Wars: X-Wing New
I'll admit it, I'm obsessing over this game.  The miniatures are amazing, as evidenced in my review.  The game feels quick, even when it goes for well over an hour.  Rounds rarely take longer than 5 minutes, even with a lot of combat going on.  It is a miniatures game, so it gets pricey, $15 per ship MSRP, around $10 online.  With that under consideration, the game is totally worth it if you have people to play with.  I rarely play this with just one other person, instead we like to do 4-6 people battles.  It keeps everyone involved, and gives it more of a true space fight feeling.  The only thing that would make the game better are more scenarios, but hopefully those are coming in Wave 3.  I'd also love to see a Campaign Book eventually, but those are things that would make a great game even better.

#4 Dominion Down 2
Dominion dropped because I think I've out played it.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I just don't enjoy it the same way these days.  Playing with the new cards from Dark Ages provides a good challenge, since I haven't overplayed the cards.  One of the other reasons Dominion moved down is that I don't get to play it very often in person.  Most people haven't played as much as I have, so it leads to games that are less fun.  I've had some great games of Dominion against a lot of people, but at this point, it's not something I pull out often.  I'll play it with anyone who wants to play, but I find myself suggesting it less and less.

#3 7 Wonders  Up 1
Big credit to gamenight for moving this up.  I really like the versatility of 7 Wonders. It handles up to 3-7 in roughly the same amount of time.  Just a little extra for everyone to decide on their card play each turn, but that's very minimal.  There are a few different strategies to take in the game, and I've seen them all work.  I've seen new players do extremely well in the game, not always come in first, but finish in the top half.  Most people I've played with like the game enough to want to play in the future.

#2 Ticket to Ride  Up 1
The more I thought about games, the more Ticket to Ride kept coming up.  With the new expansion maps, there are so many ways to play TtR and have it feel different each time.  Having only 3 options on your turn keeps things simple enough while providing a lot of choices.  Most of the time you want to get more cards, but deciding when to play cards is a key to the game.  There's a fair bit of luck in TtR, but that's one of the things that makes it great.  It's a game I really can play with anyone, since it's not overly complicated to teach.

#1 Cosmic Encounter  No Change
No surprise that this keeps the #1 slot.  Honestly, I don't see it going anywhere soon, but I'm always open to something overtaking it.  For the groups I have right now, this is the game we all love to play.  For me, this is what a boardgame should be.  There's great player interaction, loads of variety, controlled chaos, the ability for players to mess with each other, and memorable games.  I can't deny that it takes awhile to learn Cosmic.  You'll spend the first game just learning all the phases and what everyone can actually do.  The next few you'll finally see the powers interact, and realize that you shouldn't invite everyone to ally all the time.  Then, one time, it will click.  You'll see the game come together, powers, flares, other variants, and it will make sense.  You may not win that game, you may take 50 games before you win one, but eventually you will realize that Cosmic isn't so much about winning as it is having a good time conquering the galaxy with friends and foes alike.

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