Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Top 42 List Intro and 42-36

Welcome to my top 42 games list as of the start of 2013.  Since I have last year's list to compare with, I'll be talking about the changes in positions. There are 9 games new to the list, meaning 9 games fell off the list, and a whopping 20 games moved down, but more on that later.

I plan on making two posts per week for the Top 42 list, one on Tuesday and one on Friday, so tune in often.  For games that were on the list last year, I'm not going to talk much about their gameplay, but rather about why they moved up or down.

#42 The Game of Life: Jedi's Path  Down 7
Yes, Star Wars Life is still clinging to a spot on this list.  It's not a perfect game, but it actually works for a themed mass market game.  There are actual choices to be made in game play.  I don't pull this out often, but I try to play it once in a while, and I would much rather play this than regular "Life."

#41 Say Anything Down 3
Say Anything just got bumped by some games I felt were better.  I like the game as a party experience, but I don't get to play many party games.  It's rare that I have 5-7 people who like party games, so this doesn't get played often, but I'm glad to have it around.

#40 Colossal Arena  Down 4
I still like Colossal Arena.  The monster powers are fun to try to use well, the strategy in how to maximize your cards the right way is deep, and the politicking with fellow players to not kill your monster is a lot of fun or agony, depending on what happens.

#39 Formula D  Down 9
A great racing game than I can actually get my parents to play.  There are a lot of choices to make during the game, but not so many that it feels overwhelming.  The game really does feel like a race, though not at the same speed.  I've seen come from behind wins, and the leader crash out in the 2nd to last corner.  You never know what's going to happen, and that makes it fun to play.

#38 Seasons  New
The first new game to the list.  This was a 2012 Secret Santa gift, and what a success.  The game has multiple paths to victory, a great combination of luck and skill, and a lot of ways to adapt to what other players do.  This is a drafting game. First cards are drafted at the start of the game, and players create 3 hands of 3 cards, one for each year.  Every round, dice are rolled, and players pick one to use this turn. Dice give you energy, summoning points, crystals(VPs), the ability to change energy into points, or a new card.  Most of the time you'll draft a die to help yourself, but sometimes you'll take one just so the next player doesn't get it.  Cards let you do special things, but they require energy and summoning points to bring in to play.  The game has a lot of built in balance in terms of what you can and cannot do.

#37 Tiki Topple  Down 13
Tiki Topple has a special place in my gaming heart, but other games are starting to replace it.  Part of this is due to my sister having it with her at school, so I don't really get to play it, but also because the game need light hearted people to play it.  If it's taken too seriously, it isn't as much fun.

#36 Power Grid  Down 5
Down due to lack of play.  I enjoy Power Grid, but to others in my game group, it's too much like work, which is fair since one works in the power industry.  Power Grid does have some potential problems with money if you don't know how to plan for the end game.  At that point, you can get passed by and left behind by someone who knows how to work the end of the game.  This isn't the most enjoyable experience for new players, so I can't blame people for having a sour taste.

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