Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Top 42 Part 3 (28-22)

Welcome back to my Top 42 list. For part two, click here

#28 Wits and Wagers  Down 3
Wits and Wagers is staying fairly stable.  I think it's a great party game depending on the group.  I actually have a lot of good times playing with my immediate family, including a couple of plays right after midnight on New Years.  The variety of question topics makes for an interesting game, and gives almost anyone a chance to win.  I really think that the party version of the game is the best edition, though I'm biased since I was a playtester for it.  If you have anyone who is a trivia buff, Wits and Wagers is a great game to try with them.

#27 1960: The Making of the President Down 7
And now for the last of the 2 player exclusive games.  Even though I haven't played 1960 in awhile, I like what the game is.  I think there's good strategic choices to make, but also a lot of tactical adjustments that players have to adapt to.  It's a game with interesting choices about a very close election.  Even though the cards are mostly the same, how they get played, and how they shape the landscape of the electorate keeps the game fresh and challenging.

#26 Flash Point: Fire Rescue New
Flash Point has become my group's go-to co-op game.  I still rank a few higher than it, but Flash Point is here to stay, and is on the rise.  Most games have a tension to them, which is only made deeper by the theme.  Trying to save people from a burning building is one of the best themes for a co-op.  I personally enjoy being the truck driver so I can use the deck gun.  I once played a game using that and the Captain and never entered the building.  I think Flash Point is a harder game with less people, which is the inverse of what I'm used to with Pandemic.  This is a good co-op game, and probably the best co-op for family gaming.

#25 Settlers of Catan  Down 9
Catan, a game I love, a game that suffers from never playing it.  I give kudos to Rose who plays with me online enough to keep this game fresh.  These days it seems like I get to play Catan once, maybe twice per year, and honestly, I'm ok with that.  I think Catan is showing it's age a bit, but it's still a really enjoyable game.  To me, there are better games out there, but I will always play a game of Catan.

#24 Carcassonne  Down 5

Another game that I just don't get to play enough.  I played it one time in 2012, and that wasn't even with my own set.  I think the main issue is the farmer rules.  I know they're a vital part to the game, but they're something that swings  so many points, and if people don't understand that, they're in for a shock at the end.  I still like the building aspect of the game, I think it makes it really easy to get in to the game, and know what's going on.

#23 No Thanks!  Up 18
The big move up goes to No Thanks!  Yes, it's a game with cards and chips. Yes, it's a "filler" game.  Yes, there's a lot of luck to the game.  That's exactly why I like the game.  It's simple to teach, has that luck of the draw element, and it plays quickly.  It's become a gamenight staple while we wait for people to show up.  It's a nice way to get people into a game, and it has some strategy to it.  It may not be the perfect game, but it's a great part of any collection, and one I play often.

#22 Forbidden Island  Down 11
What Flash Point has gained in popularity, Forbidden Island has lost.  I still enjoy Forbidden Island, especially on the iPad, but it doesn't get to the table very often.  One thing I have noticed is that Forbidden Island can fall victim to the one player plays for everyone notion.  I don't know that it's a bad thing, since this game is targeted for families, but for more serious gamers, this isn't the best co-op.  Still, with the right group, the treasure gathering is fun, as is trying not to drown.  It's a very light-hearted theme, which keeps the game fun for children of all ages.

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