Thursday, January 10, 2013

The 2012 BoBG Game of the Year Winners

As January marches towards the middle of the month, thoughts of 2012 begin to fade away.  As such, it's time to consider the best games that came out in 2012.  Now, I haven't had a chance to play every game that came out in 2012, or even a lot of them, but I have played enough to feel that my thoughts on the matter are worthwhile.

Best Card Game
Winner: Fleet
Runner Up: Smash Up

These are two very different styles of games.  Smash Up has a fun combat system that's fairly straightforward.  The numbers can get a little murky, but outside of that it's a fun game.  Fleet is my winner because it does so many things well.   It's a very balanced design, has multiple paths to victory, and the theme comes through in many parts of the game.

Best Co-op Game
Winner: Escape: Curse of the Temple
Runner Up: Shadows over Camelot: The Card Game

SoC is an interesting play.  A think the traitors have a great advantage at first, but hopefully more plays will allow the heroic players to shine.  Escape was the hands down winner here.  It was the most intense and thrilling 10 minutes of gaming I've ever experienced.

Best Expansion
Winner: 7 Wonders Cities
Runner Up: Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance

More Cosmic is a good thing in my book.  While I don't often get to use the large group cards, they are a very necessary addition to the game.  The rules for team play also work well for large games and teaching multiple new players.

Now, the big one, Game of the Year!
#5 - Lords of Waterdeep - an interesting worker placement game with a decent theme.  I'm not a D&D player, but this has some intriguing ideas to explore.
#4 - Smash Up - I want to play this with more than just 2 players, but even with 2, it's an interesting card game with a lot of replayability.
#3 - Seasons - My most innovative game of the year. A great combination of dice and cards.  Plenty of luck in the game, but still lots of strategy in how you draft and play cards.
#2 - Fleet - Great 3 player game, which is rare.  Works really well with 4 and 2 as well.  Only downside, doesn't support more than 4.  It is the best design of the year in my book.
#1 - Star Wars: X-Wing - My winner because of the epicness of the game.  The ability to recreate movie battles is amazing.  The game is based on squad building ahead of time, but it's a fun dogfighting game that really does feel like Star Wars.

Agree with my list or not, these games aren't bad games.  There are many that I haven't played, so if/when I do, this list may change, but as of right now, these are my thoughts on 2012.

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