Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Trek Fleet Captains

I got a new game on Wednesday January 18th.  I debated getting fleet captains since I first heard about it, but was turned off by the price.  I paid $80 at my local game store, MSRP is $99.95 meaning $100, and the cheapest online price I could find was $65.

So why get it at my local game store?
1, it was there, meaning I could open it today and play it this weekend rather than sometime next week.
2, good to support the local store when I can.
3, I had a $20 gift card, so it was like paying $60, making it the cheapest option to me.

Now, I've yet to play it, so I won't talk about the gameplay or do an official review, so my first video will have to suffice.

Come back later for a full review, which will come after I play it.


  1. Those clicky bases are SO COOL! I'm sure they're expensive to make, but I wish more games would use a similar device.

  2. Tahlia, there's a whole game called Heroclix that uses all kinds of different characters with those bases. The problem is that they're blind purchase, so they get expensive quickly