Friday, January 27, 2012

Life update

This is a post that no one wants to write nor read but here it is. This morning I was woken up by rummaging noises in my house. Turns out someone had broken in. I was the only one home at the time and I'm ok which is the most important thing. However the criminal did abscond with my laptop and digital camera. Fortunately they left the iPad so I still has some Internet connection. The downside is that my ability to take pictures is gone, so game reviews are on hold, as is the top 42 list until I can recreate it(I only wrote it down on the computer so the specifics are shot for now)
It will probably take me at least the weekend to get things sorted out and the pieces back together.

Your thoughts are appreciated in this jarring time. Hope you'll be back when I am. If you're newer to BOBG take a chance to read some of the early articles.

Thanks for your time and support. Wer're nearly to 1000 page views in under 2 months!

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