Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Top 8 Gaming Memories of 2011

#8 All of the wonderful games of Dominion online, which can be found at  If anyone ever wants a game, my sn is mathguy89 and I’d be happy to play with you.  The best of those games was watching my friend beat me for the first time, and to hear her reaction over skype.  It didn’t take her long, but she’s yet to win another game against me, so she needs to try again.
#7 The Westmont departure week.  With a visit from I&L, things were bittersweet.  It was great to get a sendoff in gaming fashion and the friends that were there truly meant a lot.  Capping things off with an 8 player game of Shadows Over Camelot was a great sendoff, even if the Mists of Avalon overtook Camelot.
#6 First game of BSG with the Exodus Expansion on January 14th.  A great 6 player game with a lot of momentum swings.  Zack finally got a boost as the lead pilot with the CAG title card and all signs pointed to a great semester of BSG.
#5 Risk Legacy.  Without spoiling my future review let me say that if you have a regular game group and you enjoyed RISK at some point, then this is something you need to look into and highly consider buying.  In our second game, one player was one die roll away from winning the game, and was then wiped off the board on the very next player’s turn which lead to player 2 winning.
#4 Watching the successful Kickstarter funding of Eminent Domain and then playing the final game 6 times in 3 game days.  It’s what I was looking for in Race For The Galaxy.  Also a hit with Aaron’s family and the quote “I’m going to warfare your ______(fill in the blank)” now reigns supreme.
#3 The ongoing GURPS campaign set in Greek mythos in an attempt to put back the 7 deadly sins to Pandora’s box.  We never finished, but it was fun to try things out.
#2 The delayed gratification that was 2010 Secret Santa.  I won’t go into all the mess that was 2010 Secret Santa, but rather I choose to focus on the good that came of it.  I will simply direct you to my posting on BGG about it. BGG Secret Santa Link Santa was very generous and very humble about everything.
#1 Zackcon.  3 days of gaming from noon to midnight with appropriate breaks for food.  Amazing people who loved playing as much as I did. And Kudos to Carol for learning everything and being a great sport.  We also had Rockband thrown in there just to keep us from overloading on boardgames and some good pool time.

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