Friday, August 23, 2013

Top 7 Games I Enjoy but Don't Own

Just like the title says, this is a list of the best 7 games that I've played but aren't in my collection.  Most likely they're not in my collection because I have easy access to them, and I'd only really play with the person or people who own the game.

#7 Las Vegas
A simple dice game with a lot of tactical choices.  Each turn you roll all your available dice, then you place all your dice of one number on a casino.  After everyone has placed all their dice, then you look at each casino.  Whoever has the most dice gets their first pick of a dollar amount, then if there are more checks, 2nd gets a pick, 3rd, etc.  The trick is that any players with the same number of dice on a casino  have all of their dice removed.  That means that if 2 players are fighting over a casino, someone can place a single die there and end up winning the big check because those two have the same number of dice there.  It's a really interesting concept.  The game plays fairly quick and is easy to get into.

#6 Black Friday
This is a stock market manipulation game that I find rather challenging.  You have to plan ahead enough, but you also have to see what effect each move might have down the road.  There's a lot of challenge to this game, all with the very simple goal of make the most money possible.

#5 Ugg-Tect
This is a silly game, it's really more of a party game, but come on, what's not to like about inflatable clubs and gently(or not so gently) bopping your teammates on the head. This is fun to watch and play.  Especially when a lot of serious gamers get together and let loose.

#4 Race for the Galaxy
I used to own this, but I traded it away for a couple of games that I ended up being able to play more often.  I still like RftG, but I now have 2 other people who own it, so I can get a game in with them if I want to play.  

#3 Marvel Legendary
This is the deckbuilder that has almost made me get rid of Dominion.  I love the theme, the gameplay is solid and offers a lot more variety within a game.  I like that the game is co-op if you want it to be, and a real competition if you want that too.  Legendary is easy enough to get into, but offers enough variety of heroes and villains to keep it different every time.

#2 Settlers of Catan
It's hard not to put a game I've played over 50 times at the top of this list, but Catan takes the #2 spot.  Yes, it's perhaps a little shocking that I don't own Catan, but I know 3 people within 30 minutes who own it, and when I want to play Catan, it's going to be with one of them.  Plus I own Star Trek Catan which is kinda the same thing, but not really.

#1 Kingsburg with To Forge a Realm expansion
Kingsburg is a dice rolling worker placement game, which means that you roll dice and based on what you roll, you do things with them.  There's a lot of variety in this game with the expansion, and because of that each time feels just a little different.  The base game was solid, but some dominant strategies emerged.  Most of those have gone away with the various modules offered in the expansion.  I really like the dice aspect of the game, even though I can never seem to get what I need.

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  1. I played Las Vegas Once. It was a fun game. I want to play Settlers of Catan at some point.