Monday, August 12, 2013

State of the Collection Part 5

Today we look at another game shelf, this one containing 14 games and several expansions to some of those games.

Acquire, Solar Circuit Racing and expansions for
Formula D are behind Word on the Street

Ratings are out of 6.
1 - Ready to trade/sell
2 - Considering trading/selling, willing to give another chance
3 - Might trade/sell, not my favorite, but has a time and place to play. Perhaps is around more for others than myself.
4 - I like the game but there's something that stops me from liking it more.  Maybe I don't get to play it often enough, maybe there's a minor irritation with some rules or the way something works.  
5 - I enjoy the game. It works well in most situations. I would be hard pressed to let it go, but it could happen in the distant future.
6 - Love the game, keeping it, never letting it go.

  • Solar Circuit Racing - 1.  I can't play this game by the rules in the box.  They just don't make for an interesting game.  Maybe it really needs a big group like 5 or 6 people to make combat interesting.  The game has beautiful artwork, but terrible components.  I was just hoping for so much more from this Kickstarter, and it really failed to deliver.
  • Mystery of the Abbey - 2.  I like the deduction aspect of this game, and the way you have to ask questions in public but ask in a way that doesn't reveal too much.  Plus, the person you ask has the option not to answer your question, but if they do, they get to ask you something.  The game has interesting choices, and an interesting process of elimination, but ultimately it's a bit long for what it is.  Maybe that's being too accustomed to the length of Clue for deduction games, but I feel that there's only so much time where the mystery stays interesting.
  • Acquire - 3.  I enjoy the challenge of Acquire, but it gets a bit mathy for me.  It's subject to a bit more group think than I'd like, but that also leads to different challenges.  
  • Skyline - 3. This is an interesting dice game.  There are lots of meaningful decisions on each roll, as well as the big decision of how you're going to go about getting points.  I like the game, but I'm not sure how long I'll keep it around.
  • Triominoes - 3. Triominoes is essentially Dominoes with triangles.  All 3 numbers have to match up when you place a tile.  To me, that makes for a very interesting and challenging puzzle.
  • Word on the Street - 3.  I'm not big on wordgames, but Word on the Street has a fun way of going about it.  I like all the categories, and I really like the team aspect to the game.  It leads to a lot of creativity and it prevents the brain flub moments.
  • 1960: Making of the President - 4.  I don't get to play 2 player games very often, but when I do, this is one of the best long 2 player games I own.  The theme flows through the game, the mechanics are solid, the game feel tense yet not overly stressful.  I've won and lost on both sides, so I feel that the game is fairly balanced, and that makes it even better.
  • Pizza Theory - 4.  This is one of my go to games for 3 people.  I won't say it's a perfect game, but I enjoy the back and forth, as well as trying to figure out where other people are going to make their cuts.  The game plays quickly, so even if you mess up, you don't suffer for long.  This is a solid 3 player game and one I'm happy to have around.
  • Power Grid - 4.  Power Grid has its detractors in my group, but I'm a fan.  The game involves a lot of positioning yourself for the right time to make a move.  The end game often sneaks up on you, which isn't the worst thing in my opinion.  Each map plays a little differently, and that keeps the game fresh each time you play.
  • Formula D (w/ all 4 of the new map expansions) - 5.  I bought this game for my father because we both love watching Formula 1 races together.  This game isn't a Formula 1 race, but it is a rather enjoyable racing game.  Dice bring a lot of luck to the party, but knowing how to handle corners, being able to look ahead and plan, and managing your car's wear points are all very strategic elements to the game.  If they keep making expansion maps, I will keep on buying them.
  • Shadows Over Camelot (w/ Merlin's Company) - 5.  Shadows is one of the best hidden traitor games on the market.  The game is hard enough to beat you without a traitor, but a traitor really adds to the mind games.  The expansion really ramps up the difficulty, though it gives loyal knights a lot more fun white cards to utilize.  I go through phases of playing Shadows a lot, and then needing a break from it, but it's a game I want to have around for a long time.
  • Small World (w/ Cursed, Grand Dames, Tales and Legends, Be Not Afraid, and Necromancer Island) - 5.  I have more expansions for Small World than I will ever use.  I don't play it enough with people who know the game, so I often don't include most of the expansions due to complexity.  That being said, the original game offers a lot of variety and interesting interactions.
  • 7 Wonders (w/ Leaders, Cities and Wonder Pack) - 6.  I enjoy 7 Wonders, I'm not completely in love with the game.  It's a keeper because of how flexible the game is.  It works equally well with 3 to 7 players, and I don't know of any other game that can claim that.  I enjoy the challenge of card drafting and trying to figure out what not to give your neighbors.  The game has a lot of different levels of thought that goes into it, but I've seen all kinds of strategies do well.
  • Dixit (w/ Dixit 2 and Odyssey) - 6. Dixit is a fantastic large group game with amazing potential for creativity.  The artwork is amazing and it has made me love the game.  People make or break this game, but it's also a game that I can bring to a party and play with anyone.

Just 2 more parts to go!

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