Friday, April 26, 2013

For R&T

This is going to be an odd post to almost everyone who reads it, but it's a post I wanted to make.  On Saturday, one of my good friends, and fellow boardgamer is getting married to the love of her life, a fellow boardgamer.  I won't bore anyone with all the details, but I'm extremely happy for them and the wonderful nerd/geek world that they both happily embrace.

I wanted to share some gaming memories I've had with them.

The first game I ever played with the bride to be was Monty Python Fluxx.  Now, you may think that she's just that kind of gamer, but really, M.P. Fluxx is a silly game, and a great college dorm game.  After that, it was further silliness in the form of Munchkin, and while Munchkin is not a favorite of mine these days, the first few games were good, silly fun.  Those are the only two games I remember playing with her that school year, but the next year, she got recruited to the full game group, primarily due to Shadows Over Camelot.  I still remember the first time she played a traitor, and how she completely fooled everyone at the table.  Later that year, I managed to introduce her to Cosmic Encounter.  While she didn't love the game, she was a good sport, and has played a couple of times.

I first met the groom last March, though we had talked several months before online.  The bride and I taught him Dominion, which is not the easiest of games to pick-up online.  He tends to favor abstract games, which is not my strong suite, but it made a fun challenge.  He taught me Pentago and soundly defeated me, as expected.  I guess it was payback for all those Dominion games.

Our most recent gaming adventure was funding Kings of Air and Steam on Kickstarter (we went for the 2 game package for a discount.)  They've played it more than I have, but we have all enjoyed the game, even through the production delays.

One of my fondest memories of these two was getting a phone call on New Years Day 2012, asking for my advice on a boardgame while they were in a gamestore.  I was half asleep, but I managed to coherently suggest a couple of things.  They ended up getting Elder Sign, which they later traded to me, but it all worked out in the end.  It goes to show you that not every game is right for every person, but every person has some game that is right for them.

To R&T on their wedding eve, congratulations, best wishes, and many happy gaming events.

To the rest of you, grab someone, a wife, husband, best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, another couple, someone special to you and play a game with them.  Games are best shared with the ones we love.

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