Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 Recap

Welcome to November, and a special Happy Birthday to my friend and loyal reader Rose.

October was perhaps the best month of gaming I've had all year.  No, it didn't have the most plays, or the most game days, but it did see the return of game days with the gaming family (first since end of May) as well as a friend asking to play Star Runner.  Game night has also picked up, we just had 9 people show up on Monday, which is up from an average of 4-5.  The other big milestone, I acquired my 100th game.

What got playing in October?

Incan Gold x3
Tsuro x3
7 Wonders x2
Elder Sign x2
Fleet x2
Scary Tales x2
Alhambra x1
Cambria x1
Lords of Waterdeep x1
No Thanks x1
Pizza Theory x1
Rattus x1
The Resistance x1
Roll Through the Ages x1
X-Wing x1
Star Runner x1
Total 24 plays

That brings the YTD total to 235, which is 15 behind pace for 300.  Hopefully with the weekly game night and Thanksgiving, November will allow me to catch-up and allow for December to be the big push to 300.

I acquired 1 new game in October, Star Wars X-Wing.  I've only had one chance to play it, but I like it and it will see more table time.  With the growth of the local game night, I've felt less of a need to buy new games, which is great on my wallet, and it gives me a chance to play a variety of games that I wouldn't otherwise.  Plus, Secret Santa and Christmas mean that new games will come in, so I don't want to buy much for myself.

October was a productive month in terms of posts with a total of 16.
October also accounted for 2,718 views to the blog which is a new monthly record.
Also, there were 3 additions to the Collection Building Series, 2 Player, Next Level and Worker Placement.

Finally, there were 7 bonus articles including a 100th post tribute, an update on Star Runner, 2 random musings - Getting the Rules Wrong, and my thoughts/experiences with Secret Santas, as well as my Top 7 Game Publishers, Cosmic Encounter Powers, and Gaming Moments.

If you ever have an idea for a Top 7 list you'd like to see, feel free to let me know.

Looking at November, I should wrap up my review series on the Gryphon Bookshelf Series games I own.  That will be for Incan Gold, Looting London and Birds on a Wire.  
After that, I’ll likely revert to my old style of mixing new games and old, so you get a good mix of things.  On the more fun side of things, I've contacted a few other bloggers to work together to compile a Christmas games guide, so hopefully that's something you can use for ideas to get other people games, or direct your loved ones to for yourself.

If you have suggestions for games I should review, feel free to leave a comment, or head over to the BoBG facebook page and vote there.  

Thank-you everyone for reading, commenting, tweeting, re-tweeting, etc. You all are the reason I keep writing articles. 

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