Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wits and Wagers Party - A First Look

Yes, that's right, a preview look at a game before it hits shelves.

I was a play tester for Wits and Wagers Party in the summer of 2011.  Since the product has been officially announced by Northstar Games, I can talk about the gameplay.  When I tested the game, there were three different rulesets to test, and as it turns out, none of them exactly made the final cut.

First, for those of you unfamiliar with Wits and Wagers, it's a trivia game, like Trivial Pursuit, but all the answers are numbers, and knowing the exact answer is not critical.  The game is played over seven rounds, with each round consisting of a question.  Each player secretly writes their answer, then players "bet" on what they think is the closest answer without going over.  That answer pays out, and then the person with the most chips after 7 rounds wins.
Betting Tokens

So what's new in the party edition?
Well, a new ruleset is the main thing.

  • Play 7 questions
  •  Order everything above the “1” answer board.
  • The closest guess without going over the correct answer will payout.
  •  Pay out in poker chips.
  • The “1” answer board pays double.
  • You can bet up to all of your chips on the final question.
I think this is the simplest version of rules they have, and it's perfect for the party version of this fun trivia game.  

Player answer cards
There are also a bunch of new questions, my guess is 700, and some pretty fun artwork.  I received prototype artwork over the summer, so know that this is only prototype work, but I think it shows off the fun nature of this version.

Also some news from Northstar is that a Wits and Wagers App is in development and should be ready to go around August of 2012.  There's some other news as well, but I don't believe I'm at liberty to discuss that, just know that Dominic has big things planned for the Wits and Wagers brand.

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  1. That is awesome. I am curious to see how this plays as regular Wits and Wagers seems to already be a party game. Does this version support more people? Can't wait to see this one. Thanks for the preview.

    1. I believe that W&W Party is meant to be played in teams up to 5 people per team. I think this version is designed to be much more like a gameshow, and the questions are perhaps less obscure. There were only 6 answer boards in the prototype, so I'd say 6 teams is the maximum, but even that shouldn't be a problem.