Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Monthly Update and Contest Winner!

Welcome to February!
January was a great month of gaming for me.  I logged 36 game plays not counting expansions, so that's a great start towards 300.  I've also played games with 15 different people, so that's a great amount of variety.  My cousin started a Monday night gamenight which helped increase the play count.

I acquired two new games, Scary Tales and Star Trek: Fleet Captains.  Both have been fun to play so far, and both look to have earned keeper status.

My unplayed game count is now at 14, down from 16 to start the year, thanks to playing Birds on a Wire and Fauna. The unplayed list is as follows just to track it
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights (soon)
  • Descent (Summer hopefully)
  • Coloretto (Soon)
  • Scrabble Slam (eventually)
  • Monopoly Express (no rush)
  • Clue Express (no rush)
  • Battleship Express (no rush)
  • S'quarrels (soon)
  • Zooloretto (want to play soon)
  • Crappy Birthday (eventually)
  • RoboRally (soon)
  • Risk 2210 AD (probably will trade before ever playing, due to Risk Legacy)
  • Settlers of Canaan (eventually)
  • High Bid (eventually)
January saw the 1,000th page view for this blog which is incredible in under 2 months, thank-you all so much for that.
I posted 3 hobby game reviews, and 4 Not in Candyland articles, as well as the start of the top 42 list, plus my first ever board game video!  
February will probably see 3 or 4 more of each of those (provided I can get a replacement camera soon, else the main reviews will be awhile).  In honor of Valentines Day, I'm going to do a Top 7 list of 2 player games to play with your spouse/girl/boyfriend who may or may not be a boardgamer.

I got a cross promotion with the Games and Grub, as well as a great retweet by Tasty Minstrel Games on my Eminent Domain review.  Also, a huge boost to the viewership from with my playing to win the game article.  I think reaction to the work here has been mostly positive.  I can't thank each of you enough for reading, commenting and voting in the polls.  I hope you'll continue reading and commenting, and if you haven't commented, feel free.  

Now, without further adieu, the contest results!
I had 5 people enter, which is a good start, and I chose my favorite entry which was Tahlia's, which gets an extra roll.  I was surprised no one took advantage of the replayability offer for an extra chance to win, but that's how it goes.
So, I will now roll 3d6, high total wins, ties will be rerolled until we get a winner.
In no particular order
R [4,4,3]=11
C [6,4,3]=13
T [2,1,3]=6
J [3,2,3]=8
E [3,3,4]=10
T [4,5,2]=11

So congratulations to Carol! You won a copy of Say Anything!  Look out for an e-mail later today.
Thanks everyone for your time in entering this contest.  Probably another one sometime in the future, but not before summer I would imagine.

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