Monday, February 20, 2012

It's All About the People

I was listening to The Dice Tower Podcast, episode 243 last night, and the segment the Chief presented struck a chord with me.  He spoke about a gaming buddy who really wanted to play Battlestar Galactica at a conference, and it made him realize that he was fortunate to have so many people who like to play games in his life.

This made me remember again how many amazing people I have met through boardgames, and how many more I hope to meet in the future.  I have a gaming family who opens their house to me nearly every weekend to come and play games, and then on top of that, they feed me wonderful food.  More than that though, they've welcomed my friends over to join in, and I think everyone who's gone over has had a wonderful time.  They've truly become my second family, and a home away from home, even though it's 5 minutes down the road.

Secondly, I have my college friends who endured my overzealousness with boardgames and constant pleas to play.    I've talked a lot about those them, look for other history posts, but I'll say one big summation about my college years.  I would not have enjoyed school nearly as much if it wasn't for the people who played games.

I have a lot of other people who play games. I have friends who invite me over to play with their parents, or their siblings, friends who will come over and play a two-player game with me, and one of my cousins who has a conglomeration of various people who will play games occasionally.

So here's to all the people I count as friends who play games.  Your time spent gaming is a source of joy in my life.  You have been the inspiration for this blog and the driving force in my life.

Too often it takes tragedy to make people remember what's truly important.  Well, no tragedies in my life right now, just a 2am rambling, and a good perspective on things.

Take time to thank the people who play games with you.  It's amazing how much a thank-you and a smile can go.

Until next time, remember, games are rather boring if we have no one to play with.

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