Saturday, December 3, 2011

Secret Santa

One of my thoughts with this blog is to make it a bit more personal than the average game blog.  With that idea, I want to take a few moments to talk about Secret Santa (SS) gift exchanges.

I'm now on my third time participating in the BGG SS exchange, and second for the dicetower (DT).
My first year with SS, I simply had an online store send my target the gift, wrapped of course which was fun.  They appreciated the gift, but last year I decided I wanted to add a bit more to it.  

I also decided to get a bit more involved in the good natured taunting, though it seemed my targets weren't interested in keeping it going.  My DT SS gave me a few hints, which made it fun for me.  He also had the games to me at Thanksgiving, which spoiled me.  My BGG SS fell asleep on the job, but everything was resolved and Santa came for Easter with far more than I could ever imagine.

That brings us to this year.  I eagerly awaited the sign-up period and then more eagerly awaited the target distribution.  When I got my targets, I immediately started the hunt.  Looking at their wishlists, seeing what games they owned and played a lot of; and yes, sending good natured taunts.  While my BGG target has been rather quiet, my DT target and I have actually gotten along rather well.  Mike, if you ever read this, thanks for making it a lot of fun.  I've yet to hear from my santas, but here's hoping that all will work out soon.  

So why all the history?  Well, it's all to say that I have been blessed with my ability to participate in secret santas and that I have had a lot of fun with them.  Sure it's nice to get the games, but I have had so much fun sending games to others and seeing their reactions.  Sure I've given out Cosmic Encounter probably more than I should have, but I think that those people have enjoyed it.  On a selfish note, it's also the only way that I get a board game for Christmas.  My immediate family does play games with me, my sister has even taken over organizing games at college since I graduated; but they don't know what to get me, and figure that a gift certificate to one of the stores is better in the long run, since they know I'll be getting games with it.

Since we're in the Christmas mood, enjoy one of the infamous holiday songs, done just a bit different.  If you haven't heard it, give it a try, if you have, give it another listen.

And their new original - the Christmas CanCan

P.S. Yes I know the red and green text is cheesy, but go with it, it makes things more festive.

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