Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 State of Bits of Boardgaming

First off folks I apologize for my prolonged absence.  The holidays tend to involve a lot of game playing for me, which is great, but it means that this takes a bit of a back seat.  But never fear, I'll be back on a regular posting schedule soon, hopefully in the next week.  My BGG Secret Santa sent me a message on Christmas saying things would be late, but not to worry, I'll get something soon.  Meaning when I get that in, there will be a review for that.

My current review queue is as follows
Battlestar Galactica (In Progress, need to photograph and polish the text)
Pandemic/Forbidden Island (Nothing started)
Whatever comes in from Secret Santa.

I do have more in the queue, but I like to leave some surprises, and that's what the polls are for anyways.

Look for those reviews on the weekend, typically Friday or Saturday night.
I've been playing Risk Legacy, so as more games happen, I'll give some updates, but it's tricky due to spoilers in the hidden packets.
I'll also continue my "I don't think we're in Candyland anymore" series looking at the "mass market" games. Hint, Monopoly is coming up soon.

And without further delay, my 2012 gaming desires/resolutions which will probably not work but hey it's nice to dream big.

  • Play every game I own that I've yet to play at least once (Current count is 10)
  • Finish Risk Legacy (15 plays total, meaning 13 to go)
  • Log 300 game plays(not counting expansions. This was originally 250, but I realized that last year my count was 292, so I aim to go higher)
  • Trade/give away the games I won't ever play (Looking at you Android)
  • Introduce at least one new person to Cosmic Encounter
  • Organize a micro tournament of Dominion with my friends, most likely online.
  • Finish design work on my own board game design and start playtesting by June.
  • I will also predict that Eminent Domain will be my most played game of the year.

Thank-you to everyone who has read and commented on this blog.  I'm up to nearly 300 page views in less than a month.


  1. 1. I would like to volunteer to be introduced to Cosmic Encounter.

    2. I like how you put Forbidden Island and Pandemic in the same boat. I was looking at reviews for Pandemic on Dice Tower and I thought it seemed exactly like Forbidden Island, then we go to Game Seeker in SB today, and the guy confirmed that it was virtually identical.

  2. @Ragnvaldr, you've got it. We'll figure something out to play, probably a summer thing since we need at least 4 to make for a good game of Cosmic.

    Pandemic and Forbidden Island are by the same designer and both co-ops so there are a lot of similar ideas. They do have differences which I'll bring out in the review. Stay tuned!