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December 2013 and Year End Review

Happy 2014!

December was an amazing month for games.  I finally won a Star Trek Attack Wing OP event at Gateplay in Hilmar, which now puts me in the lead with 2 months to play.  I had a lot of great gaming times with friends and family, including some games with a couple of cousins that I thought would never play games.  It just goes to show you that there is a game out there for everyone. 

December was also a great month because Secret Santa arrived early for the second year in a row.  I received Takenoko and Escape: Curse of the Temple.  I've managed to play both, and I enjoy them.  Santa definitely did well this year.

What got playing in December?
11 Plays
  • Resistance Avalon
4 Plays
  • Love Letter
  • Star Trek Attack Wing
3 Plays
  • Escape: Curse of the Temple
  • Takenoko
  • Werewolf
2 Plays
  • Bugs in the Kitchen
  • Gem Dealer
  • King of Tokyo
  • Resistance
1 Play
  • Alhambra
  • Castle Panic
  • Eminent Domain
  • For Sale
  • Hanabi
  • Incan Gold
  • Kingdom Builder
  • Martian Dice
  • Marvel Legendary
  • No Thanks
  • Order Up
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Ticket to Ride Nordic
  • Tiki Topple
  • TransAmerica
  • Tsuro
Total:  53 plays

That brings the 2013 game play count to 500 which is far beyond my expectations.  

Time to get a bit reflective.  2013 was an amazing year of gaming for me.  I played games with so many different people, and played so many different games.  I had a blast! I didn't get to game with some people as much as I would have liked, but sometimes life happens.  We make the best of it.  This may not have been the best year of gaming for me, but I still loved every minute of it.  So many people made this whole year memorable, and all the thanks goes to them for playing games.

And now, a look back at what I wrote for my 2013 goals with updates on how they went.

  • 365 game plays (Accomplished in October)
  • Play 20+ games 5+ times, and play 10+ games 10+ times. (27 games were played 5+ times, 12 of those were played 10+ times.)
  • Play 100 unique games. For instance, Ticket to Ride US and Europe do NOT count as different games for this purpose. Same goes for Wits and Wagers -Base/Family/Party - only one counts there. A game and then the card or dice version would count as 2 different things.  Basically the game has to have a different name.  (Complete, barely. I managed 101 different games.)
  • Play a game with 50 different people. (Accomplished in July or August.  I stopped tracking, but I approached 100 different people)
  • Finish Risk Legacy (Not quite, only played once, bringing it to 6/15. At least I managed to win that game.)
  • Teach Cosmic Encounter to at least one new person (Accomplished with 3 different people.)
  • Attend a gaming convention (Didn't make it to one.)
  • Further the development of current game designs and think up new ones. (In various stages, but I consider it accomplished)
  • Play every game I own, as of the start of 2013, that I haven't played. (Came close, I still have a few left. Hopefully getting around to those in 2014.)
  • I'll also predict Incan Gold as my most played game of 2013. (Not even close.  Incan Gold finished as my 7th most played game. Resistance (Avalon and regular) took that title.)
And now for the Nickel and Dime wrap for 2012. Dimes are games that were played 10+ times, Nickels are games that were played 5-9 times.

  • Resistance - 57
  • King of Tokyo - 56
  • Hanabi - 21
  • TransAmerica - 20
  • For Sale -18
  • Tsuro - 18
  • Article 27 - 15
  • Incan Gold - 15
  • Star Trek Attack Wing -15
  • Star Wars X-Wing - 15
  • Eight Minute Empire - 14
  • Love Letter - 14
  • Dominion - 9
  • Smash Up - 9
  • Alhambra - 8
  • Bugs in the Kitchen - 7
  • Cosmic Encounter - 7
  • Get Bit - 7
  • Marvel Legendary - 7
  • No Thanks - 7
  • Tiki Topple - 7
  • Flash Point - 6
  • Settlers of Catan - 6
  • 7 Wonders - 5
  • Pizza Theory - 5
  • Skyline - 5
  • Survive: Escape from Atlantis - 5
And now for a look ahead.  I don't want to say that these are resolutions or goals, but rather some hopes and thoughts on how I'd like 2014 to go for me as it relates to games.

  • I'd like to try out at least 10 games I've never played before.
  • I'd like to make it to a gaming convention, perhaps DiceTowerCon, or maybe Gencon.
  • I want to continue being a good gaming ambassador by introducing people to games, having fun playing games, and being an example of a good sport win or lose.
  • I want to delve deep into a game - maybe it's Star Trek Attack Wing and creating some missions or a campaign for that, maybe it's something else.
  • I want to always remember that I play games to have fun. Sometimes I lose sight of that in the heat of trying to win.

A couple of things you can look forward to in 2014 from BoBG

  • Top 50 games I've played so far list.  My sister will also be publishing her top 10 or 20 or however many she feels like list.
  • More reviews.  I know I'm never going to be the first one reviewing a game, but I still think my opinions are helpful at least some of the time.
  • Very soon I'll put together my best of 2013 article, with things such as best game new to me.
  • A contest! I'm not going to say for what, or when, but it will be worth the effort.
If you have suggestions for games I should review, feel free to leave a comment, or head over to the BoBG Facebook page

Thank-you everyone for reading, commenting, tweeting, re-tweeting, etc. You all are the reason I keep writing articles. 
Have a blessed and safe 2014.

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