Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Breakdown of 2000 Plays

Since Wednesday marked my 2000th recorded gameplay, I wanted to make a post detailing some of the games that got me to that point.  These have all been plays since 2007, so 6.5 years.  I've had ups and downs in terms of plays per year, but the average is around 300.

Without further adieu, my top 10 played games on the way to 2000.

#1 - Cosmic Encounter - 248 plays - 12.4%
The game I've played more than any other, though not lately.  I still love Cosmic and will never turn down an opportunity to play.

#2 - Dominion - 222 plays - 11.1%

#3 - Ticket to Ride - 87 plays - 4.35%
This counts all the different maps of Ticket to Ride.

#4 - Pandemic - 78 plays - 3.9%

#5 - Tsuro - 57 plays - 2.85%

#6 - Settlers of Catan - 56 plays - 2.8%
This includes Seafarers, Cities and Knights, Traders and Barbarians, as well as Star Trek.  Figured it was easier to just put them all together.

#7 - Incan Gold - 52 plays - 2.6%

#8 - King of Tokyo and Tiki Topple - 48 plays each - 2.4%

#10 - Battlestar Galactica - 46 plays - 2.3%

So 10 games account for 942 plays which is nearly half of all my game plays.  I've played 181 different games at least once. (after I eliminate different versions of Ticket to Ride, and other similar games) I've played 21 games at least 20 times, which I consider a good return on investment.

For me, the interesting thing will be to track the games I play that get me from 2000 to 2500 and/or 3000.

Let me leave you with this.
There are many games we love.  You can see some of mine on this list just based on how many times I play them.  We often get caught up in the newest games, but we should take the time to enjoy old favorites.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing new games, just don't forget about older ones.

What are some of your most played games?  Leave a comment please.

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