Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Recap

Welcome to December, the month of holidays, family gatherings, far too many desserts, parties, and snow.  Also, Happy Birthday to the blog. It was one year ago today that BoBG came to exist.  Though the first article wasn't published until December 2nd, the first moments happened on the 1st.

November was a great month for games.  I was able to go to a meetup about an hour away, as well as continue the local meetup Monday nights.  Throw in some good weekend gaming, and a lot of games around Thanksgiving, and life is good.  

What got playing in November?

  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue x6
  • X-Wing x6
  • Tsuro x5
  • Incan Gold x4
  • Archaeology: The Card Game x2
  • For Sale x2
  • No Thanks x2
  • Scary Tales x2
  • Solar Circuit Racing x2
  • Black Friday x1
  • Cosmic Encounter x1
  • Dominion: Dark Ages x1
  • Fauna x1
  • Fleet x1
  • Roll Through the Ages x1
  • Small World x1
  • Smash Up x1
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe x1
Total 40 plays

That brings the YTD total to 275, which is right on pace for 300.  Knowing how December goes, I'm hopeful to surpass 300 right around Christmas, and let New Years Eve bring it over the top.

I acquired 1 new game in November, Black Friday.  It's a few years old, but I got a chance to play it at game night, and I just knew it was a game for me.  Helps that I was able to win it in a BGG auction for a pretty good price.  I've held back because secret santa is right around the corner, and I want to be able to enjoy those games/expansions.

November was a slower month for posts, but I think there was some good quality.

I got out 3 reviews, Incan GoldLooting London, and X-Wing.  That accounts for the end of my review series of the bookshelf games, at least for now.  I was going to review Birds on a Wire, but I decided not to.
There were 2 additions to the Collection Building Series, Card Games and Animal Games.  
Finally, there was the Christmas Game Guide which was even referenced on Board Game Geek's guide under "Other Resources."  Seeing that made me really excited, and it's great to know that hard work does get rewarded.

Looking ahead to December, I'm not really sure what's going to happen on the blog.  I'll likely do something fun for our 1 year anniversary.  At some point I hope to report that the Secret Santa packages have arrived, though the contents will remain a mystery until Christmas.

Game wise, I am looking forward to my first X-Wing tournament.  The local shop is doing a Kessel Run Event (Yes, in 12 Parsecs) on the 15th, so we get to preview the new ships, and hopefully I'll be walking away with 2 (I get one for being a Tournament Organizer).

If you have suggestions for games I should review, feel free to leave a comment, or head over to the BoBG facebook page and vote there.  

Also, if you have any suggestions for 2013 goals, those would be great to hear.

Thank-you everyone for reading, commenting, tweeting, re-tweeting, etc. You all are the reason I keep writing articles. 

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