Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Recap

Another 30 days and a new month.  My birthday didn't quite hold as much gaming as I wanted due to an illness that went through my family.  Now it is July and everyone is healthy.

What June lacked in quantity of game days, it made up for in quality.  I played a lot of longer games, and had really good gaming sessions.

I played 37 games in 30 days, gaining just a little bit.  That brings the YTD total to 184/365.  Ideally I would be at 181, so 3 ahead finally.  I played 7 games for the first time this year, which brings me up to 66/100.  I also got to play with 8 new people, bringing that count to 57/50 so 1 goal accomplished, WOOHOO!

Just a quick list of what I actually played in June

9 Times
  • King of Tokyo

3 Times
  • Alhambra
  • Article 27
  • Eight-Minute Empire
2 Times
  • Imperial
  • TransAmerica
  • X-Wing
1 Time
  • Biblios
  • Catan
  • Elfenland
  • For Sale
  • Legendary
  • Santiago
  • Seasons
  • Space Cadets
  • That's Life
  • Thurn and Taxis
  • Tiki Topple
  • Tsuro

I acquired 3 new games in June - Article 27, Space Cadets, TransAmerica, as well as the first expansion to Seasons.

Looking ahead to July, who knows what's going to happen with my game plays.  I have lots of gaming opportunities, it's a matter of what I'm willing to drive to and who else shows up to events.

In June I reviewed  Eight-Minute Empire and the expansion for King of Tokyo.  I didn't get to the Smash Up expansion, but I will soon.  Not sure what else I'll review, so I welcome any suggestions as a comment.

Since we're halfway through the year, I think it's an appropriate time to look at how all my game goals are going.

  • 365 game plays (184 done)
  • Play 20+ games 5+ times, and play 10+ games 10+ times.   (King of Tokyo is the only one over 10) (9 games are at 5+, so 9/20 and 1/10)
  • Play 100 unique games. (64 done, as noted above)
  • Play a game with 50 different people. (Done in June)
  • Finish Risk Legacy (Haven't even played one additional game)
  • Teach Cosmic Encounter to at least one new person (Haven't done it yet, but hopefully)
  • Attend a gaming convention (Not planned, but I have one I'm considering)
  • Further the development of current game designs and think up new ones. (Still working hard on SR, others have come and gone.)
  • Play every game I own, as of the start of 2013, that I haven't played. (I only have a handful to go - Star Trek Expeditions, Scotland Yard, Risk 2210, Scrabble Slam, Fictionaire, Crappy Birthday, Angry Birds, Ground Floor)
  • I'll also predict Incan Gold as my most played game of 2013. (Hahaha! I've played Incan Gold once, and King of Tokyo much much more)

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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