Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have Games, Will Travel

Today (November 11th) I had the opportunity to travel to play some games with a new group.  This meant traveling around an hour each way, but it was worthwhile.  I managed to get a carpool for half the distance, which made it less driving for me, and some good company.  It also meant getting some good tacos on the way home, but I don't want to turn into Games and Grub here.

Now, traveling an hour for games isn't something I normally do, nor is it going to be something I do often, but every once in a long while is ok.  I've been in contact with a game store owner in the area about running an X-Wing tournament, so today served as a demo day and a chance to gauge more interest.  I'm pleased to report that I ran a few demos, and had a couple of people interested in the tournament.

On the drive back, I was talking with the store owner about things, and he wants to run a tournament of games.  That would involve playing different games over a series of rounds.  For instance, one round you'd play Dominion, the next Ticket to Ride, and so on.  Players would get points based on their finishing order, so there's reasons to fight for 2nd or 3rd.  The last round would be a showdown between the top scorers for various prizes.  I think this is a really neat idea for a tournament, and a fun way to showcase different games.

I believe that this is the longest trip I've made for the sole purpose of playing games.  I've had longer trips where I ended up playing games, but those were more about seeing friends from college.  This weekend has turned into a great one for games.  I hit 13 plays over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Since tomorrow is a day off of work, there should be some more gaming, and then there's Monday night game night. Can I have a 20 play weekend?  It would sure go a long way towards 300.
As it stands, I'm back on pace, and that makes me a happy gamer.

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