Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 2012 Update

Welcome to September! This year is still flying by - 2/3 done now. Yikes!
August was a really slow month of games, until this last week.  I picked up Dominion Dark Ages, and I've played a bunch of games of that.  I also had a first, 2 tests of Star Runner in the same month.   I'm making small changes for me to implement, but ones that have good impact on the game.  It's still taking around 2 hours, which is ok.

What did I actually play in August?
  • Dominion x16 (all in the last 4 days of the month)
  • Tsuro x 4
  • Clubs x2 (I'm testing this for Northstar Games, and having a fun time with it.
  • Star Runner 2 tests
  • Wits and Wagers Party x1
  • Risk Legacy x1 (Game #5)
That's a grand total of 26 for August, though it looked bleak for a lot of the month since every play came after the 16th.  The running total for the year is 202, which is 2 games up on the quest for 300.  Now I just need to continuing averaging 25 plays per month to hit 300 by New Year's Eve.
I acquired no new games, but 2 new expansions - Dominion Dark Ages and 7 Wonders Cities.  Finally feels good to curtail the list.
My unplayed game count is still 20, and I'm officially calling the quest to play them all this year dead. Maybe in 2013.

Reviews!  August saw one review. Real life kept me busy, and I had very important things to do, like finding work.
I did get a review of Word on the Street in, which was voted for on the BoBG Facebook page, which you can find at

Finally, the State of the 2012 Resolutions
  • Play every game I won that I've yet to play at least once - 20 to go.
  • Finish Risk Legacy (5/15)
  • Log 300 game plays (202/300 - on pace)
  • The rest were done in months gone by.
I'm still looking for more guest authors.  Really, anything you want to talk about.  If you want to talk with me, or just talk to the readers, let's make it happen.  Want to share a review here, great!  Want to talk about why Candyland is a great game, ok, I'll bite, love to hear what you have to say.  Basically, let me know what you'd like to talk about, and we can make that happen.

Thank-you all for reading the articles and commenting, as sporadic as they are, the comments keep me going.  You keep me energized and enthused to continue talking about games.


  1. What did you think of Dark Ages?

    1. I love Dark Ages. I'm actually working on a review of it right now.