Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012 Update

Welcome to August! This year is going too quickly.
July felt a bit slow, but I then realized that I played games on 4 different days.  That explains some of the slow feeling, since there weren't a lot of gamedays, but there were a lot of games played on the days in question.  

Star Runner testing is going well.  I'm looking at little changes as opposed to big ones right now, which is a much nicer place to be in terms of design.

What did I actually play in July?
  • Tsuro x6
  • No Thanks! x5
  • Pizza Theory x3
  • Gem Dealer x2
  • Incan Gold x2
  • Aquaretto x1
  • Fauna x1
  • For Sale x1
  • Give Me the Brain x1
  • Say Anything x1
  • Word on the Street x1
  • Zooloretto x1
  • Star Runner 1 test
That's a grand total of 26 for July, short of June, but still up there.  The running total for the year is 176, which is 1 game up on the quest for 300.  Now I just need average 25 plays per month to hit 300 by New Year's Eve.
I acquired three new games, Campaign Manager 2008 from an Amazon sale, Word on the Street from the Barnes and Nobles clearance bin for about $7, and a signed and personalized copy of Wits and Wagers Party for my role as a playtester last summer (look in the rules for me, I'm there)
I'm still watching and enjoying Tabletop, which is Will Wheaton's youtube show on boardgames. That airs every other Friday.  Fiasco isn't my type of game, but it was fun to watch them play.  Great news on that front, Geek and Sundry announced a partnership with Target to feature every game played on Tabletop in the store with a sticker that says "as seen on Tabletop"  Games truly are getting into the mass market.
My unplayed game count is now 20 with the addition of Wits and Wagers Party and Campaign Manager '08. At least I bought and played Word on the street.  At this rate, it looks like the goal of playing them all is dead, but I'll keep trying.
Reviews!  July saw several reviews.    There's still more to come in August, hopefully 3-5, but we'll see what happens with real life.  
This was the list in the June update for review goals in July and August
  • Star Trek Fleet Captains - not done
  • Lemonade Stand - not done
  • Pizza Theory - DONE!
  • Tsuro - DONE!
  • Shadows Over Camelot - not done
  • Scrumbrawl - not done
  • Fauna - not done
  • Bonus game not on the list but reviewed by special request, No Thanks!
Finally, the State of the 2012 Resolutions
  • Play every game I won that I've yet to play at least once - 20 to go.
  • Finish Risk Legacy (4/15)
  • Log 300 game plays (176/300 - on pace)
  • The rest were done in months gone by.
I'm still looking for more guest authors.  Really, anything you want to talk about.  If you want to talk with me, or just talk to the readers, let's make it happen.  Want to share a review here, great!  Want to talk about why Candyland is a great game, ok, I'll bite, love to hear what you have to say.  Basically, let me know what you'd like to talk about, and we can make that happen.
*Followup on this, I do have someone who's going to come on and help me with a few articles, look forward to those soon*
Thank-you all for reading the articles and commenting, as sporadic as they are, the comments keep me going.  You keep me energized and enthused to continue talking about games.

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