Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 Update

Welcome to July! Gosh, half-way through 2012 already.  Time sure does fly.

June was a great month for games.  I did a complete redesign on Star Runner, my game design, thanks to a lot of help from my good friend Ian.
If you're at all interested in providing feedback on the rules, send me an e-mail at or a direct message Twitter @boardgamer89
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The biggest news of the month for me, was the 3rd test of Star Runner.  It was a good game, better than the first incarnation, but revealed a few issues to sort out.  Mainly, the start of the game is a bit slow, and the end feels a little drawn out without a true end.

Most of my game plays happened while I was in Los Angeles visiting friends.  That accounted for 13/34 plays.  I got several games in with my parents and sister, as well as two cousins who I rarely get to play with.

What did I actually play in June?

  • Tsuro x5
  • No Thanks! x5
  • Tiki Topple x4
  • Colorretto x3
  • Cosmic Encounter x2
  • Dominion x2
  • Scary Tales x2
  • Wits and Wagers Family x2
  • Fluxx x1
  • Money x1
  • Munchkin x1
  • Ticket to Ride, US, Europe x1 each
  • Star Runner 1 test
That's a grand total of 34 for June, which is second to January by only 1 play.  The running total for the year is 150, which is right on pace for 300.  Now I just need average 25 plays per month to hit 300 by New Year's Eve.

I acquired three new games, Nefarious from a contest I won on The Game Whisperer, Flash Point: Fire Rescue in a trade for Memoir '44, and Scotland Yard as a Birthday gift.

I'm still watching and enjoying Tabletop, which is Will Wheaton's youtube show on boardgames which airs every other Friday.  They just played Gloom, which looks like a very fun, though slightly dark, card game.  I might have to check that out.  Anyone have any thoughts on Gloom? Leave a comment.

My unplayed game count is now 18 with the addition of Flash Point, Nefarious and Scotland Yard, and the subtraction of Colorretto. 

June so no reviews, just like May.  What can I say, they're hard work, and they take a lot of time.  I've been spending most of my free time working on Star Runner, and I think someday it will all be worth the effort.  I'm still planning on reviewing several games in July and August.  The current goal is 1 per week.
  • Star Trek Fleet Captains
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Pizza Theory
  • Tsuro
  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Scrumbrawl
  • Fauna
Finally, the State of the 2012 Resolutions
  • Play every game I won that I've yet to play at least once - 17 to go.
  • Finish Risk Legacy (4/15)
  • Log 300 game plays (150/300 - halfway)
  • Trade away the games I won't ever play - Done for the games I have played. May have more to do after I play more.
  • The rest were done in months gone by.
I'm still looking for more guest authors.  Really, anything you want to talk about.  If you want to talk with me, or just talk to the readers, let's make it happen.  Want to share a review here, great!  Want to talk about why Candyland is a great game, ok, I'll bite, love to hear what you have to say.  Basically, let me know what you'd like to talk about, and we can make that happen.

Thank-you all for reading the articles and commenting, as sporadic as they are, the comments keep me going.  You keep me energized and enthused to continue talking about games.

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