Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Update

Welcome to April
March saw several good gaming days, including a trip to Westmont and two amazing days of gaming.  I logged 32 game plays not counting expansions, bringing the running total to 82.  It's a little ahead of the curve, but April has fewer game opportunities at present.

I acquired two new games, Hunger Games Jabberjay, which I've already reviewed, and I traded my copy of Quarriors for Elder Sign.

My unplayed game count is now at 15 due to playing Ascending Empires and Twilight Struggle from the new games.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights (soon)
  • RoboRally (soon)
  • Zooloretto 
  • Coloretto (Soon)
  • Elder Sign
  • Descent (Summer hopefully)
  • Scrabble Slam 
  • Monopoly Express 
  • Clue Express 
  • Battleship Express 
  • Crappy Birthday
  • S'quarrels 
  • Risk 2210 AD (Risk Legacy takes precedent)
  • Settlers of Canaan (no rush since I have other means of playing Catan)
  • High Bid 
March saw the 3,000th page view for this blog which is incredible in under 4 months, thank-you all so much for that.  
I didn't get as many reviews as I would have liked done.  This has a lot to do with my work on a project which I'll be announcing soon.

April should hold a full review for the following
  • 7 Wonders
  • Star Trek Fleet Captains
  • Cosmic Alliance (Cosmic Encounter Expansion)

I plan on taping a how to play video for 7 wonders, since there have been some requests.  This will take time, but hopefully it will be out soon.

The best news, one of my year goals has been completed.  I taught Cosmic Encounter to not just one, but two new players.

Risk Legacy is also up to 4/15 games.
I also ran a micro tournament of Dominion, I lost in the semifinals, but won the consolation game for 3rd place.

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